First Post: Case of the Mondays

What's in my DVD player?

What's in my DVD player?

Well, I’ve been screwing around with the web tools for the last hour and I must say that I don’t know if I have the patience or eloquence to write anything mind boggling this evening.

I will say that I think I’m going to enjoy sitting down and letting loose all of the clutter that builds up in the big dust-collector on the top of my neck.  I seem to have all sorts of random crap flying in and out of there all the time… and if you’re unfortunate enough to have the time to read this (i.e. bored at work, sitting on the crapper, got to the last page of the Internet and are currently doubling back), you may just begin to be concerned about my well-being…or at very least the well being of my son, Spider-man.

I guess while I’m up and ranting.  Here’s something that’s been on my mind a lot lately…movies.  [Previously on Knight Rider:  Eric is a new Blu-ray fan who has a PS3, an excellent 1080i 57″ HDTV, and a fantastic 5.1 Dolby Digital Sound setup run through an optical cable at home.  He’s purchased about 20 Blu-rays (90% of them on mega sale) in the last 3 months and is anxiously awaiting his Blu-ray copy of Transformers from any day now]….aaah I digress.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking  a lot lately about my fondness for the repeated viewing of my favorite movies.  Friends and family will often comment on how many movies that I purchase rather than rent.  I explain that I do enjoy my favorite movies enough to warrant the purchase price.  I’ve begun to justify that I’m somewhat of a fan of the art that is movie making.  I enjoy watching the “making of” segments in the extras of DVDs…I’m fond of the work of certain directors and actors.  I like hearing about why the choice is made for 2.40:1 vs. 1.85:1  aspect ratio.  [For example: Spider-man was filmed in 1:85, but when moving to Spider-man 2…they switched to 2.40 to allow for the enormity of Doctor Octopus and his extremities].

With all of this said…am I really just placating myself?  I pay attention to all of this stuff…and I enjoy the art of a well-made film; however, the last movies that I watched were: Hulk, Iron Man, The Hunt for Red October, Office Space, and Hellboy 2.  Doesn’t really sound like the nomination list for this year’s Academy Awards, does it?  So, I can’t quite figure it all out.  I like to think that I’m sophisticated enough to call myself a fan of the art form (…I do like The Machinist, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Memento, The Prestige…) , but I guess I’ll fess up and admit that I mostly like movies with superheroes, explosions, Will Ferrell, farts, expletives, and groin trauma.

There… you made me say it.  I hope you’re happy.  If you bring this up, I’ll have to deny it.


January 27, 2009. Tags: . movies.


  1. Deej replied:

    You know way too much about movies! I love the blog!

  2. Geeky Tai-Tai replied:

    First of all, let me say that I really like your template, and the header is AWESOME — perfect for your first post. Secondly, I seriously ❤ anything Will Ferrell. The man is a genius! I think you’ll find a lot of other bloggers — ( Dave2 and Avitable are just two who come to mind, and I ❤ them A LOT) who have the same affinity for "superheroes, explosions, Will Ferrell, farts, expletives, and groin trauma" films. Welcome to the blogosphere! I promise you’ll meet all kinds of people with the same interests.

  3. Churchlady replied:

    You crack me up… keep it comin’ !

  4. Golf Pro Phil replied:

    Eric nice blog, probably the best I have ever visited (and I suppose technically speaking the worst, since this is the only one). I understand your feelings on movies………why waste time on possibly good new stuff when you have the classics to enjoy, over and over again !!
    Looking forward to Indians baseball !!

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