OK…so I’m sure that some of you know that I’ve had a bad week this week.  I washed & dried my 2GB memory stick (can you imagine it doesn’t work now?), I’m having strange horizontal hold issues with my PS3 (my sanity!!), Windows Media Player 10 keeps locking up my computer (Bill Gates!!), and I got “laid off” from my job on Thursday too (I’m sure they’re going to call me right back…) 

But what’s got me most disturbed is what happened to me at the library yesterday.  I had 3 Damien Rice CDs and a DVD for Connor.  My library card scanned that I had 5 items to pickup (quick math…I’m missing one).  It went down like this (EK=Me, LL=Library Lady):

  • EK – Do I have another item back there?
  • LL – I don’t see one
  • EK – No big deal…it’ll show up and I’ll get it later.
  • LL – I’ll scan your card and see if I can find it
  • EK – That’s ok…no biggie.
  • LL – That’s my job… no problem.
  • EK – OK…here you go.  I can’t even remember what I even requested.
  • LL – Oh…it came in today.  Here’s your JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE CD.
  • EK – (Mortified) … Oh thanks.
  • LL – Wasn’t he great last night?
  • EK – (Scanning the room) What?  Oh…was he on the Grammy’s?  I don’t usually keep track of those shows, etc.
  • LL – Me either, but I have a teenage girl at home.
  • EK – (Frantically scanning the CD) … OK Thanks….

Eric hearts Justin...

I was more embarrassed than the first time (or the last time for that matter) that I bought condoms!  It seemed like the Library Lady was going over the intercom or with a megaphone or something…and time slowed down (see: Time Dilation) so it took forever for me to get out of there. 

So, now you all know…I do occasionally enjoy listening to pop music as a guilty pleasure.  I also dabble in rap & hip-hop, but that doesn’t embarrass me like pop does.  There’s certainly more of a hard-ass aura surrounding rap…and people accept that there’s got to be hip-hop to dance to (even if you’re like me and don’t dance).  But pop is kind of like…”Oh, here’s your Justin CD…and your pink leotard came in today too”.  I may have to switch to a different library…

Will the real Man-Ray please stand up?

Will the real Man-Ray please stand up?

Something small that’s getting on my nerves this morning is Man-Ray from Spongebob.  Man-Ray (along with the Dirty Bubble) fights Spongebob’s superhero idols Mermaid-Man and Barnacle Boy.  I thought I’d be able to quickly find a funny picture on Google images (maybe the one where Man-Ray shows Spongebob & Patrick his checks with poodles on them), but it took me 10-15 minutes just to get the one above.

Apparently there was some artist (painter/photographer, etc) named Man Ray also…and I keep getting nakes lady butt pictures!

The aforementioned naked lady butt

The aforementioned naked lady butt

Now, didn’t this tortured soul know that eighty years after he took this picture that I’d need a goofy Spongebob picture for my profile?  How self-centered…artists…


February 10, 2009. Tags: , , . guilty pleasures, music.


  1. Geeky Tai-Tai replied:

    Damn! Dude, you have had a rough week! I’m very sorry to hear about the job situation — this is becoming a too-common theme amongst my blog buddies. I hope you can find something soon. In the meantime, enjoy that Justin Timberlake CD 😉

  2. Pasquenot replied:

    Ahhh … time dilation. That’s an inverse square. I wonder if Justin’s square was inverted upon news of your checking out his cd. Word travels quickly, ya know … like C (the speed of light).

  3. Deej replied:

    Condoms and Justin? Wow, how much more can a mom take?

  4. delmer replied:

    I washed and dried my iPod Shuffle a few months ago. It started working after an extended drying period — however, it seems to discharge even when it’s not on. Or, it’s not charging fully. Or something. I just know I have to juice it up before each use.

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