My Day with AT&T


I don’t even know what to say.  I truly consider myself a pessimistic, jaded, pissed-off individual…and today AT&T threw me a huge curve-ball.

I called to cancel my land-line and (although the call itself took 45 minutes) they were very helpful with the process…going beyond what I would expect from the “losing dollars” side of their call center.  I was impressed with customer service for a change.

I decided to try my luck again and called AT&T Wireless to get rid of my extra line and to downgrade my minutes.  I got to talk to this wonderful woman, Kate Thompson (so nice that I remembered her name) in Harrisburg, PA.  She asked why I was downgrading, etc.  (By the way: “lost my job” and “getting divorced” never have follow-up questions).

Anyway, she did not cancel my line (which would have cost me $140 and lost my 3300 rollover minutes).  She put me into a super-secret 450 minute plan (for $50/month), let me keep my 3300 rollover minutes, and even added 2000 additional rollover minutes to help me get through until my contract is up in September 2010.  I also got to keep the additional line in case Amber needs the number in the future.

You know…at some point, you start to wonder if anyone at any of these call facilities truly realize that there is a live human-being on the other end of the phone.  They get so used to doing their job…that they forget that they are supposed to be “customer service”.  “Calloused” would not be a strong enough word for the attitudes of some of them.

Thank you Kate Thompson from Harrisburg.  You have restored my faith in humanity (for the time being).

Nothing else needs to be said about this.  I will blog something sarcastic and edgy later, but not today.


April 23, 2009. Tags: . There is good in the world.

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