Biography (Sounds so important)

Hi!  I’m Eric Kintzel…a recently single-again father of one amazing little guy, Connor.  My #1 priority in life is to be a great dad and to raise Connor to be a great young man some day.

With that said… I’m almost 32 and I greatly enjoy music, movies, video games, and trying to figure out what someone in their 30’s does when they have free time.  Feel free to offer up suggestions.  (I only have Connor 1/2 of the time…and you can only do so much laundry and cleaning before you’re psychotic.)

I live in Indianapolis and really don’t always enjoy the weather, but I love the Colts…and this is where (most) of my friends and family are…so I guess I’ll stay here.

More on this story as it develops…



  1. Nana replied:

    HI Eric,
    Congrats on the Blog – I think you did a great job on the first entry.

  2. Laura Ruhl replied:

    i’m equally impressed as well. You can still write the english language fairly well. Not I. If you are able and willingly to contact please text me. Not a sexual thing I can promise you that-bet you hear that from all the girls! lol 317-366-1204. Can’t really think of a better way to get in touch at the moment. You can email me but that may take a moment too long to respond, if indeed you respond at all.Thank you. Laura (the great) Ruhl

  3. Laura Ruhl replied:

    Well second thought I had, go ahead and email me like all my other fans do. LcR

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