Birthday Card


Well my birthday is on Monday and I just got a card from my dad in the mail.  He sent me a check with the above memo.  I’m out of a job…so I need to cash it, but I’m tempted to keep it because of how damned funny that is.

Mine did NOT look like this

Mine did NOT look like this

I must confess that last night I was in a hurry and needed some fast food while I was running errands.  I stopped at McBlockage’s and got the old stand-bye “#2” value meal.  After consuming what was certainly “fast”, I remembered why I eat their “food” about once every year or two.  I also recalled that regardless of what you order, it all turns into the “#2” value meal anyway.  Next time I’ll just pull over on the side of the road and see if there’s an overfilled storm drain…and just eat out of that.  Couldn’t be any worse…and I wouldn’t have paid $4 for it either.

Where’s the Pepto?


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