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This Book Belongs To...

So after my rant about Valentine’s Day (that took me 6 days to write), Karma gives me Robot S.P.3 to share with everyone.  I can’t believe the irony of it all, actually.  Sherman set the Way-Back Machine for 2/12/10.   


Mister Peabody & Sherman (Too young? Google it... you damned kids!)

Friday night I had an interesting conversation with Melinda about how I (well we actually…. I just didn’t want to throw her under the bus) could be such a cynical person and yet truly appreciate the important things in life.  I won’t say that I’m an optomist, because I’m still working on that; however, I have at least moved from my previous “no glass” stance on the “empty/2 vs. full/2” debate.    



Then strangely enough my dad (Fred) called tonight to wish me an (early) happy birthday and we ended up having a very similar talk.  He’s enjoying life more than ever, but he still gets pissed off by the people at Cheers (only the names and locations have been changed to protect the innocent… well, just the location really.  You all know that Fred is my dad… wouldn’t do much good to lie about that now).   


Kintzel Cynicism DNA Helix

I relayed that I might have some theories on why we’re both cynics; however, this isn’t the “Nature vs. Nurture” Channel… so we won’t get into all of that.  (If you’re interested in getting into all of that, Nature and Nurture are squaring off in a steel-cage title-match this week on WWE RAW).  I added that there are a lot of things that get me wound up too:   

  • Truck Balls
  • People who say “irregardless”, “supposubly”, “take things for granite”, “for all intensive purposes”, and “excetera”
  • Colors (I’m color-blind people…not racist)
  • Compound interest

But recently I’ve managed to compartmentalize all of that and focus on what, but more importantly who, really matters the most.  That brings us back to Robot S.P.3, the Sweet Pickles book from above, the Sweet Pickles book from Connor’s closet, my Sweet Pickles book from 1981.  “This Sweet Pickles book belongs to Eric Kintzelwritten printed in just about 5-year-old script.  

I read it to him for bed last night (on the aforementioned Valentine’s Day) for the first time… and he loved it so much that he had me read it to him again tonight, with the stipulation that we’d read it again tomorrow night.  

My dad read that book to me for years… and to Garret (my brother) and me for even more years… and he’d read it “the right way” as my poor mom was reminded when she didn’t read it like dad did.  (Our dog Butch literally ate the top edge of the book, but SP3 – much like in the story – could not be stopped).  Of course any time SP3 would talk in the book, dad would read it in the classic robot voice… sometimes even acting it out (which never really helped us “wind down” for bed, but we didn’t care).  

Flash forward 20-plus years and here I was with my own little boy reading the same book… not the same story, but the actual dog-chewed, “This Sweet Pickles Book Belongs to Eric Kintzel“-signed copy of my book.  Playing the part of me was Connor, which had to mean that I was filling the story-telling shoes of my dad… which is no small undertaking, I might add. 

Now (coming back to the beginning of my post) I may be a cynical a-hole sometimes, but none of the aura of that moment last night was lost on me last night.  I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to put it into words, but I can’t… and rather than say something clichéd, I’ll just say that I hope that some day my son looks back on his story-time with me as fondly as I look back on my story-time with my dad.

Life isn’t about who flips you off on the highway, who sits next to you at work with that annoying click when they chew, or who swipes that last copy of your New Release at Blockbuster on a Friday night.  Life is about family and friends (…don’t be upset about always being listed 2nd “friends”.  Remember some say that friends are the family that you get to choose…) …most importantly, the ones who want you to read Robot S.P.3 tomorrow night.



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