Too funny...

Too funny...

Ever since I changed my Facebook relationship status to “single”, this is what I get in my advertisement bar ALL THE TIME.  It cracks me up!

Am I looking for a nice “one-nighter”?…or maybe a college girl that I could buy alcohol for?  Perhaps I’ve got a “Mrs. Robinson”-thing going on and I’m trolling for AARP members (no offense to AARP members…).

This kind of stuff just makes me laugh.  I know it’s not a very long post, but there’s not much to it.  I’ve got a couple of other posts brewing in my head about my divorce, dating, and what music meant to me in my teenage years, but I haven’t had the patience or discipline to sit my ass down and write them.

Oh….Jehovah’s Witnesses: Stop ringing my doorbell!  I’m quite impressed with your take on Christ…that’s great that you think he had x-ray vision, knew pi to 1000 digits,  and invented the open-toe sandal; however, it pisses off my dogs and makes me stop exercising to answer the door (which in turn pisses me off).  So the next time you see the “No soliciting” sign in my neighborhood…it does pertain to you.


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